Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blessed Hope Video by Grace Soaring Ministries

This video is one we made after our second miracle was born! In it you will see our little guy just a few months old praising the Lord with a worship streamer! Asher loves to dance for the Lord! He is a blessing and a miracle!

Let Him Try Video by Grace Soaring Ministries

This video is of our first son! He was our little miracle that we had prayed for for 14 years. Unfortunately his time here on earth was very short... only one short hour... but the impact of his life has transformed our lives and given us the ability to reach out to so many more! We love you baby Nels!

Jesus Savior Video by Grace Soaring Ministries

Grace Soaring Ministries

Grace Soaring Ministries is a ministry founded by Pastor Kristin Campbell and her Husband Christopher Campbell. Grace Soaring started out as the worship team for the ministry that God gave Kristin and Chris called Living Rock Ministries.

Through some pretty major life changing events in their lives God has sculpted Kristin and Chris and has created Grace Soaring as their main ministry now. Living Rock Ministries is not gone only transformed by what Kristin and Chris feel is one of the most important parts of the ministry... worshipping God!

Through worship we not only are honoring and bringing glory to the Lord but we are also able to bring healing to our hearts, minds and bodies! God sets us free when we freely give of ourselves in worship to him!